5 Medicinal Plants And Herbs

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Hey guys in this video we take a look at and discuss 5 medicinal plants that you can find in your yard. There are a lot of medicinal plants that grow in and around lawns and this video does not cover them all. We'll take a look at plants like Red Clover, Wild Lettuce, Jewel Weed, Lobelia Inflata, Yellow Wood Sorrel, and the Broad Leaf Plantain. Some of the medicinal plants are common and well known while others are more obscure. The first medicinal plant we look at is Red Clover with its unique flowers and three leaflets. The Red Clover is a good plant for purifying the blood and to be used with other supporting herbs for respiratory ailments, colds and flu. The herb is rich in isoflavones that show anti-oxidant activity as well as estrogen like compounds.


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